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Beware the rabid flying salmon

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Tilt or face impending doom.
;(, alcoholic beverages, being awesome, being cute, being geniuses, being weird, bitches!, black lagoon, bowler hats, bubble baths, chillaxing, crêpes, dancing our asses off, delicious cake, destroying photographic evidence, dim sum, ducks, ed the duck, editing, ergo proxy, erin and shelly gropage, erin and shelly theatre, ffwhorizon, final fantasy, frumping, garbage, guitar hero, hoarding mp3s, lollercoasters, lollerskates, magical utensils, michael being a pimp, michael posing thoughtfully, noir, not cheese, not death marches, not exploding, penguins, pie pie, pool, pop, rabid flying salmon, randomly attacking michael, raptor jesus, reversiology, roleplay jam, roleplaying, shelly's liver, silent hill, so yeah yeah so, squirrels, strutting, suikoden, taking over the world, the koala invasion, tilting, toronto, tricking the simple minded, twelve kingdoms, writing, xenogears, yoscillations